How To Remember All Those Passwords

One of the biggest problems I ran into and I’m sure everyone else does, was trying to create good passwords and then remembering them.  We all know you should be using a 12 or more character password that looks like your cat walked across the keyboard but really who can remember “hIKk4&ii*VE3r~”?

For years I just used the same password for everything.  It was good and it utilized all the necessary elements, upper and lower case, numbers, and symbols but it was universal across all my sites which violates the third law of secure password usage.  Don’t use the same password everywhere you go!

Rather then cover my notice board with post-it notes I started using a piece of software called LastPass.  You can check it out here,, and it’s totally free.  You can upgrade to a premium license for twelve bucks a year, which is a great deal, but I just use the free version and find it does all I need.

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With LastPass you only need to remember one password and that is the master password. You can then create super secure passwords, automatically load them into your vault, and then automatically login to all your sites using LastPass.

If you have other password management techniques I’d love to hear them.

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