Protect Your Computer From CryptoLocker Ransomware Malware


CryptoLocker Ransomware is a new type of malware that was first discovered in September of 2013.  When a victim loads the malware on their system by clicking on an infected link in bogus email messages the program encrypts all of your personal files on your system and then essentially makes your system unusable until you…

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Warning: 10 Million UK Users Targetted With Cryptolocker Ransomware


An urgent national alert was issued by the UK’s National Crime Agency about a mass spamming event which has targeted 10 million UK based email users. The users receive spam emails that appear to be from banks and other financial institutions but are loaded with the malware called CryptoLocker which encrypts the files on a…

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Eliminate Comment Spam – In 2 Easy Steps


If you have a WP site up and it’s been indexed for any amount of time then you’re well aware of what ‘Comment Spam’ is.  Before you know it comments are flooding into posts you’ve made but the joy of having your content found online is quickly replaced by the realization that all the comments…

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Adobe Hack Emphasizes Users Continued Use Of Useless Passwords


It seems that no matter how many warnings, despite all the advice, regardless of all the useful articles on the matter, computer users everywhere just can’t help themselves from creating really, really, crappy passwords. After analyzing the list of users passwords made available online from the recent Adobe hack we’ve compiled a list of the…

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Adobe Hack 2013 – 150 Million Compromised Accounts


It appears the company behind such great software platforms as Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Adobe Reader were a little lax in their security practices. Last month it was announced there had been a security breach on their network where they revealed that hackers had gained access to the account information of approximately 2.9 million users.  Among…

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Hacker Steals $100,000 From ISP Users Bank Accounts

Internet Theft

It was recently reported that a hacking group calling itself ‘TeamBerserk’ reported via Twitter that, they have stolen $100,000 from peoples bank accounts after using SQL Injection to hack into a California Internet Service Provider’s database and download all their customers user names and passwords. SQL Injection is one of the most common security vulnerabilities…

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2 Simple Changes To Make Your Blog 10X More Secure

Blog and lock

With all the recent news about hackers recently you can be sure that every bored kid and shady character is interested in getting started with his own hacking adventures.  Fact is incidence of sites being hacked into is on the rise. What would you do if your blog became the target of a hacker?  Everything…

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