$300 To Decrypt Your Files??

CryptoLocker Ransomware demands $300 to decrypt your files

CryptoLocker Ransomware demands $300 to decrypt your files!

If you use your computer every day and rely on it for your work then you’re well aware of all the threats from viruses and malware.

CryptoLocker, is a new ransomeware which has begun making it’s rounds a few months ago.  What makes this one particularly nasty is it’s ability to cause you to lose your personal files forever.

CryptoLocker Ransomware - Beware!

The way ransomware works is it basically removes access to files on your computer and then demands money from you if you want the files returned.  What CryptoLocker does is it finds all of your personal files, such as photos, emails, videos and documents, and then wraps them up in a very strong encryption before demanding money from you.

The encryption is created using a unique public key and then the decryption key is stored on a hidden server.  If you want the key so you can decrypt all your files then you'll need to fork over $300.  And I'm assuming after you use your credit card to make the transaction with whoever created this you'll want to destroy the credit card too.

The infected machine displays a countdown to when the decryption key will no longer be available.  If you don't pay up at that point apparently the key is deleted and you're up the figurative shit creek without a paddle.

The way CryptoLocker is spread is through bogus hyperlinks shared via social media and spam emails, like fake UPS tracking notification emails or links in Facebook saying click here and see what happens.  Yea you'll see what happens alright.

Always remember the way to prevent Ransomware from infecting your computer is to always double check a link before clicking on it, hover your mouse over a link and the real link will show up in your browser.  If it doesn't match it's bogus.  And always keep your anti-virus up to date and any websites you manage locked down so they can't be used to serve up these infections to others.

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